Cachet Pharmaceuticals

We at CACHET, INTIVA provide Anaesthesia range dedicated to the relief of pain and total care for the surgical patient - before, during and after surgery.
We cater to product groups like Premedicants, Inducting agents, Sedatives, Muscle Relaxants, Vasopressor, Local Anaesthesia and post operative pain relief.

Brands offer much needed benefits like:

  • INTIFOL 20ml/50ml: contains Propofol 1%(vials) - Induction agent
  • ZOSLEEP 5ml/10ml: contains Midazolam 1mg/ml - 5ml & 10ml solution (vials) - Sedatives; also used as Premedicants
  • VECUBRO 4mg/10mg: contains Vecuronium Bromide 4mg & 10mg (vials) - Muscle relaxant
  • ATB 25/50: contains Atracurium Besylate 25mg(amp) & 50mg. (amp) - Muscle relaxant
  • ROCUBRO: contains Rocuronium Bromide 50mg/5ml (vials) - Muscle relaxant
  • CALINGO 2% Vial & Jelly contains Lignocaine Hydrochlorideinj & gel - Local anaesthetics.
  • DIANORA: contains Noradrenaline bitartarate 2mg/ml (Amp) - a Vasopressor
  • CACHPAR IV : contains I.V. Paracetamol 1000mg - for post operative pain relief