Cachet Pharmaceuticals

Osteoporosis is the most common type of Bone disease which involves the risk of breaking a bone. Osteoporosis is a major global public health problem associated with significant morbidity, mortality, and socioeconomic burden.

Our body needs minerals calcium and phosphate to make and keep the bones healthy. A major risk is not having enough Calcium and Vitamin D3 through our food habits resulting in increased risk of fractures.

We at Cachet understanding the needs of society, have introduced quality brands in this segment.
  • Vitoc-D is brand of Vitamin D3 in Soft Gelatin formulation and with Olive Oil base- Vitoc D is the only brand with Olive Oil base which provides better absorption and used to correct vitamin D insufficiency/deficiency associated with Osteoporosi.
  • New Cavit, Cavit-K2, Crystacal, Recart, NE-C are other brands of segment.