Anti - Infective

Cachet Pharmaceuticals
Anti - Infective Therapy

Cachet provides a wide range of anti-infective brands to fight against different kinds of infections. We have expertise in range of formulations from tablets, dry syrups to sterile dosage form.
Brand building is part of our marketing strategy and our three brands are featuring amongst the top 5 brands in given therapeutic class market.

Some of the highlights of Cachet’s Anti-infective portfolio are

  • Traxol , No. 5 brand in Ceftriaxone market
  • Traxol-S , No. 2 brand in Ceftriaxone + Sulbactam market
  • Traxol-T , No. 5 brand in Ceftriaxone+Tazobactam market

Other important Anti-infective brands are
Lactoclaav (Amoxycillin + Clavulanic acid), Traxol-O (Cefixime), Traxof (Cefixime+Ofloxacin), Cacef (Cefpodoxime), Cacef CV (Cefpodoxime+Clavulanic acid), Loobid (Ofloxacin+Ornidazone)

The products are manufactured in state of art manufacturing units of Cachet situated at different locations across the country. Quality is considered paramount at all locations where we conduct research development, manufacture, testing and distribution of our products driven by best-in-class technology and processes abiding to all major stringent regulatory approvals.