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Cachet Pharmaceuticals
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Over the period of three decades, CACHET has established a wide marketing network in domestic as well as in international markets. We are in continuous process of rapid globalization, and aim to be a globally recognized entity, through strategic alliances & partnerships in different regions across the globe.

CACHET has spread its wings across more than 30 countries in Asia, CIS, Africa, Latin America and Central America. We intend to increase our operational network across the globe, with a purpose to provide good quality-affordable health care solutions to meet the needs of physicians and the patients.

Our pursuit of excellence is reflected in our systems, processes, people and work culture. Backed by an experienced team of directors, talented and dedicated professionals, Cachet Exports is well positioned in its quest to become an important force to reckon with in the international market.

Global Presence:

CACHET is expanding rapidly in high potential regions covering 3 continents across the globe, building a portfolio tailored to the local healthcare needs.

Besides liaising with international distributors by way of direct selling, contract manufacturing, CACHET also has marketing setup in select countries where the products are promoted to the resident doctors and pharmacists.

Our expertise in understanding and complying with the regulatory frame work of various countries has resulted in a successful track record of timely and extensive approvals.

So far the company has registered products in over 40 countries covering a wide therapeutic range in acute and chronic disease segments.

Products – International Business

Our presence spreads over a wide range of therapeutic segments such as Anti-Malarial, Anti-infective, Cardiovascular, Orthopedic, Gastroenterology, General Health, Gynecology, Male Erectile Dysfunction (MED) and Pediatrics. CACHET products enjoy leadership position in many of these segments.

Pharmaceuticals Products

CACHET manufactures and markets a wide range of formulations in various dosage forms across acute and chronic therapeutic areas covering 12 specialties such as Anti-Infective and Anti-biotics, Anti-Malarial, Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Anti- Diabetics, Anti-Histamines, Urological, Respiratory agents, Hematinic, Neuro-Psychiatry and Life style drugs.

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Nutraceuticals Products

Cachet Pharmaceuticals is a recognized manufacturer for Nutraceutical Formulations.

We have dedicated state of-the-art cGMP drug manufacturing facilities providesspecialty in variety of dosage forms.

Cachet has an extensive range of nutraceutical formulationsin many segments like Antioxidants; Multivitamins/Multimineral; Calcium & Iron Supplementation; Protein supplements; Digestive aid; Herbal products in the form of Tablets, Powders, Granules, Pellets, Capsules, Softules, Liquid Syrups,Drops and Injections.

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To conform to the prevailing quality standards and regulations across the world we hold all major certifications like,

ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004
ISO 22000:2005
UKAS Quality Management certification

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